Save big on business travel with these featured hotel discounts

Save on employee travel and hotel costs by joining Capital One Business Deals.

Business travelers are back on the road, and with that come all the costs associated with business travel. In order to help small business owners who need to travel, or who need to send their employees out on the road, Capital One Business Deals has a number of deals that can help keep travel costs down.

These discounts below can help you save on hotel costs so your employees don’t have to stay at budget hotels in order to save your business money. When you sign up for Business Deals (for free), you can take advantage of these hotel discounts anytime you travel for work.

Traveling for business? Check out these top hotel discounts

Discounted hotel rates from Priceline

Start saving on hotel rates with Priceline and find the perfect hotel for your budget. Discounts will vary based on select hotels and locations.

Discounted hotel rates from Priceline >

Hotel deals from Zeal Trips

Zeal Trips is a leading destination company that helps businesses add more value to their customers and employees. When you use this deal, you can save big on select hotels across the country.

Save on select hotels from Zeal Trips >

Capital One Business Deals provides even more discounts on business travel

Business Deals has countless deals that can help you save on all your travel expenses - rental cars, flights, airport parking, and more. Plus, read these articles about how to keep your travel costs down:

Take advantage of travel-related deals and more today!

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