Small Business Week is every week with these deals

From cashback rewards to savings on office supplies, here are some of the best National Small Business Week deals Capital One Business Deals offers.

Every small business owner wants to save money so they can grow their business. With a variety of deals and discounts, every week is small business week at Capital One Business Deals! We provide opportunities for businesses to improve their cash flow, increase their purchasing power, and enhance their operations.

Whether you are just starting out your new business or looking to expand your business, our goal is to help you achieve your goals while keeping your bottom line in mind. Now let’s get to the discounts.

Discounts for Small Business Week that last all year long

Searching for deals from individual merchants or on single purchases can take time, which, as we know, is limited for small business owners. You can find and save on deals from various categories with Capital One Business Deals, including business travel, benefits, and technology.

Discounts on business travel

Considering that the average business trip may cost more than $1,000, small business owners are smart to snag any travel savings they can find. From hotel stays and airfare to car rentals and parking, we offer a variety of discounts for business travel. As business travel has ramped up again post-pandemic, keep these travel tips in mind, and save on travel expenses where you can.

Employee Benefits Discounts

For a small business with even just a couple of employees, the costs associated with employee benefits can add up fast. In the private sector, expenses related to benefits represent 30% of employee compensation costs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A savvy small business owner constantly looks for ways to minimize the cost of benefits. In addition to saving money on setting up 401(k) plans or providing online learning, you can also reduce employees' childcare and prescription medication costs by implementing these techniques. As a small business owner, offering comprehensive benefits can be challenging, but it can ensure you stand out from the competition when recruiting.

Technology discounts for small businesses

These days, you can’t run a small business without technology, and that technology doesn’t come cheap. A 2022 survey by the CompTIA trade group found that for two-thirds of small to midsize businesses, annual tech spending ranges from $10,000 to $250,000.

Shaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars off the cost of technology can boost the bottom line at your business. Small business owners can score discounts on everything from cybersecurity software and laptops to wireless service and printing equipment.

Savings on office supplies

It’s hard to imagine a small business getting anything done without office supplies. But, of course, office supplies aren’t free. According to one estimate, a small business spends an annual average of more than $500 to over $1,100 per employee on office supplies.

If you’re looking to save money on office supplies — and who isn’t? — Capital One Business Deals has your small business covered. Discounts are available on products and services such as shipping, furniture, grocery delivery, printing, recycling, and shredding.

Auto maintenance discounts for small businesses

If your small business operates a fleet of vehicles, you know how quickly vehicle maintenance expenses can rev up. Fuel costs alone can eat up a considerable chunk of your fleet budget. Fortunately, Capital One Business Deals delivers discounts and cash-back rewards on things like gas, commercial truck rentals, and automotive products.

Start saving on your small business needs with discounts from Business Deals

Be sure to check out all the Capital One Business Deals categories for discounts that can help your small business make a big dent in operating costs.

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