HR tools to provide your people with quality services & care

It’s often said people are a business’s greatest resource. For small businesses, that rings especially true. Find deals on solutions that put your people first.

It is often said that people are a businesses’ greatest resource, and for small businesses that rings especially true. But often for small business owners who have countless competing priorities, human resources can be a source of stress.

Read our advice about outsourcing HR services, and save on tools and technology that can help relieve the stress of ensuring your staff is cared for.

Small business hiring tools

Finding talent isn’t easy, and in the past few years it has become increasingly complex. Using job boards and tools can help you find the right people for your business.

AppleOne staffing

New customers can save on staffing fees from AppleOne. Find hand-selected candidates who match your unique business.

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Payroll & expense tracking software

Ensuring your employees are paid on time is arguably the most important HR task. Don’t rely on manual spreadsheets to make sure your staff gets their paychecks - there are apps for that!

ADP payroll

New customers can save on payroll by ADP for up to 10 employees. If you have more than 10 employees, don’t worry - ADP has affordable solutions for companies of all sizes.

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Homebase helps you manage time clocks, provides you with customized timesheets, payroll, employee scheduling, employee apps, hiring and more.

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QuickBooks payroll

QuickBooks payroll helps you manage everything in one place. Calculate, file and pay your federal and state payroll taxes, and approve payroll when you’re ready.

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OSHA Compliance & Insurance

Keep your employees safe by ensuring you are OSHA compliant in all aspects of your business. The right tools and technology can help keep your business and people safe, regardless of your mastery of workplace safety regulations.

HazComReady workplace safety platform

Meet OSHA’s “Right-to-Know” standards all in one tool. Train your employees, maintain compliance, access a safety data sheet database and more.

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The Hartford insurance & workers comp

Protect your employees and your business with discounts on workers’ compensation insurance policies, bundled with business owners policies.

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Save on additional HR solutions with Capital One Business Deals

Taking care of your people is even more affordable with these featured deals. Get access to more deals that help your HR department thrive, even if that “department” is a team of one.

Plus, when you sign up for Capital One Business Deals, you can save on countless other deals that help your small business grow.

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